Monday, February 8, 2010

1 [PODCAST] Rock Guy Cast Vol. 5

Podcast by Jerry Howard

We at Seattle Rock Guy are expanding our blogging horizons and the means by which we spread great music in new ways in 2010. One of which is with the launch of our weekly podcast series "Rock Guy Cast".

This weeks cast comes from SRG contributor and member of guerilla film crew Taco Cart Productions, Jerry Howard. Jerry chose a killer selection of punk rock, much of it local plus a few other choice surprises. Last Saturday, Jerry built his playlist and recorded his speaking parts and I tweaked the knobs for what may be the best Rock Guy Cast to date, all while downing a few tasting beverages prior to the Helms Alee, Witch Mountain, Slave Traitor, and Android Hero show at the Comet Tavern. Enjoy!

We realize that there may be copyright laws out there concerning podcasts and the subsequent usage of music without asking permission first. We may not get around to asking every time, but rest assured that we are operating under only the best of intentions here at SRG. If you represent an artist and listen to our podcast, and it offends you that we are talking about and/or playing their music, then email us. Remember we are on your side. Rock!


  1. Yo Jerry! Thanks for the shout bro, and Good To Die is one of my fave tracks from the Red Fang album.
    Cheers dude, a beer will be raised this evening :-)



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