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3 [LIST MANIA] Mark Ostler of Warning:Danger! Picks His Favorite Music of 2009 (New and Old)

List by Mark Ostler

Warning:Danger! :: Photo by Nik Christofferson

Hi, my name is Mark Ostler, and I am in a band called Warning: Danger! Big thanks to Nik for asking me to write this list of my favorite records of 2009.

I don't really know what year these CD’s were published, some in 2009. Mostly, it’s a list of my favorite music that I was introduced to during the year 2009.

10. A whole bunch of records

It's so hard to narrow down my ten favorite recordings of 2009, so here's a list of bands that were in my CD player a lot during the past year: Sonic Youth, Morphine, Phantom Surfers, Leonard Cohen, L7, Hole (early stuff), Liz Phair, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rev Horton Heat, TacocaT, Fugazi, Kent III, Blank Its, DJ Shadow, Neko Case, Mudhoney, and White Stripes.

9. The Bad Things - It'll All Be Over Soon

Vaudeville, cabaret, drunken alley cat music, I have a soft spot for these genres. The imagery conjured by The Bad Things, both lyrically and musically, transports you to the dirty streets and back alleys of a 1920's metropolis. Grab your whiskey and forget about your heartaches, cause these drunken clowns got your misery beat.

8. Yussuf Jerusalem - A Heartful of Sorrow

Imagine the country rumblings of a spaghetti western soundtrack mixed with aggressive punk rock, and you have this killer band from France. I imagine driving my madmax-mobile through the wasteland, while steadily navigating a broken road, and listening to their music. Don't ask me what's up with their name?

7. Iron and Wine - Around The Well

Sub Pop released a fantastic two disc set of rare, early Iron and Wine songs. I like Iron and Wine, don't care what you think. Their music is mellow, but sometimes an Iron and Wine song is the only cure at 3am when you got no more energy left.

6. Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

"The Slip" is not that great of an album, but it reminded me to listen to Nine Inch Nails’ older albums. When this album came out, I needed some good old fashioned angry music. "The Slip" has some angry songs, and some mellow songs. But remembering older songs like "Mr. Self Destruct" and "Terrible Lie" was the incredibly cathartic auditory illusions I needed this year to help expel my psychic bile.

5. Theresa Andersson - Hummingbird, Go!

Theresa Andersson was a substitute music guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", after some unnamed band cancelled. Her performance stunned me. Picture this: one woman standing barefoot on a white rug surrounded by about a million foot pedals, guitars, percussion instruments, and a beat up old record player.

With the help of several loop pedals, Theresa Andersson creates enchanting, unusual, groovy music. "Birds Fly Away" is a great song full of complex layers. "Hi - Low" is a fun song about having sex in your backyard.

4. Roxy Epoxy and The Rebound - Bandaids on Bullet Holes

Best show I saw this year with less than 50 people in the audience was Roxy Epoxy and The Rebound. Whoa! Roxy Epoxy has such incredible energy. One minute she's kicking like a ninja, cardio dancing like Molly Ringwald, or jumping super high in the air. She doesn't seem tired and still keeps singing.

This release is great, it’s not as synthesizer based as her previous band Epoxies, much more guitar based. But Roxy Epoxy is still singing about stuff like technology invasion and nuclear destruction.

3. Pierced Arrows

I was first introduced to Dead Moon's music on CD, and thought, meh, they're alright. But then I saw Pierced Arrows LIVE and now I understand. Even though Fred and Toody >>>>>>>>>> are kinda old, they still rock out ten times harder than most youngsters. The husband and wife team are on such an amazing wavelength together, their voices and guitar harmonies swirl and bend then punch you in the face.

I still haven't found a recording that captures their live sound. But because I finally figured out why Dead Moon / Pierced Arrows are so respected, they make my top ten list.

2. Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

I swore off the Black Lips in the mid 2000's. I heard all these stories of a band called Black Lips that played at The Funhouse. According to rumor, one of the Black Lips dudes, pissed into his own mouth while on stage, and then spit his pee into the audience.

Dude, that's not cool. How would you like to go home with someone else's regurgitated pee in your hair and on you jacket? I swore I would never like this band.

Then the CD "Good Bad Not Evil" came out and "Bad Kids", "Katrina", and "Cold Hands" are such darn good songs. Then I saw them live at Neumos last March. All I could do was jump around, now digging on the band I once swore off.

1. The Spits - S/T (Album IV aka Schools Out)

On July 4th, 2009, the best record of the year was released - The Spits 4th album. The cover looks like a messed up junior high yearbook. Get it if you can find it. Songs about your girlfriend sleeping with some asshole or setting your teacher's car on fire. Awesome.

Here are some bands you should watch out for in 2010:

Hex Dispensers, Woven Bones, Thee Headliners, Los Explosivos, Android Hero, My Bones and Organs, Hunab Ku, Dead Vampires, Rat City Ruckus, The Keeper, Los Straightjackets.

I read that M.O.T.O. is playing shows again on the east coast, maybe another 7 inch in 2010?

The Mummies played 2 shows in 2009. Please, please let The Mummies go on tour again in 2010. The world needs The Mummies now more than ever!


  1. Great list Mark! Thanks for contributing!

  2. The Bad Things rule! Also, The Spits new album was fucking dope.

  3. Yes in 2010 the world needs more Mummies and the Keeper!



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