Tuesday, December 15, 2009

0 LIVE REVIEW: 3 Inches of Blood, Red Fang, Heiress, H.M.P. @ El Corazon

Live Review by Matt Abramson

December 11th, 2009 - 3 Inches of Blood, Red Fang, Heiress, H.M.P. @ El Corazon

It was cold as all hell as I trudged up Eastlake toward El Corazon, but cold nights in Seattle are the best to head into a little club packed to the brim with seriously authentic metal. And that was exactly the fuck what I was doing.

I quickly killed a frosty PBR and hustled toward the stage right as H.M.P. began their retro-thrash attack on the audience. There was a good sized crowd already, and a lot of kids who were way more familiar with H.M.P. than I was. Anyhow, those dudes opened up a can of solid shred. Their songs were great, their solos were awesome, and they were like metal aerobics instructors hounding the crowd into frenzied circle pits again and again.

Next up was Heiress. Being a huge fan of Himsa from a few years back, I am a fan of whatever Johnny P. does by default. Heiress was highly impressive though, and I would dig the shit out of them regardless of connections. They walk a fine line between trippy atmospherics and apocalyptic breakdowns that reminds me of the Deftones in their finer moments. Very few bands get this right. Heiress is on some seriously heavy, cathartic shit. I was also happy to score their 7” on white vinyl bundled with a CDR, very cool that DIY is still alive and well. Dudes: we need a full length, a.s.a.p.!

As I scooted back over to the bar to suck down another ice-cold, reasonably priced PBR (no, I don’t have a sponsorship here. I just like that shit… a lot) Red Fang set up. This was the band I was most looking forward to seeing, and they did not disappoint. Red Fang have the rare ability to behave like total goofballs on stage, but as soon as the music starts it’s like a wormhole opened up and teleported sheer rock awesomeness out of the ether in the form of… Red Fang. They played and sounded amazing, by the time they kicked into "Prehistoric Dog" the mosh pit was in full swing. If kick ass rock were ever distilled into beverage form it should be called Red Fang. I think I’m gonna start writing ‘Red Fang’ on my PBR cans with a sharpie. They even busted out a new tune, and I’m already making an entry on my best of 2010 list.

Finally, Vancouver’s 3 Inches of Blood promptly took the stage and began to shred… and shred… and shred. Those dudes can play the hell out of their instruments, and their fans are truly rabid. 3 Inches of Blood may be the world’s greatest metal tribute act, and I mean that in a complimentary sense, as they combine and execute the elements of vintage thrash better than the bands they emulate ever did. They were very friendly and cordial, as are most Canadians I’ve discovered, and Cam Pipes has the craziest falsetto I’ve ever heard come from a large, gnarly bearded Viking dude. Tunes like "All of Them Witches" and "Call of the Hammer" made me want to drink mead and light shit on fire. The crowd was a mix of older metalheads and young bucks just learning that mosh pits fucking hurt and the sense of warmth and community, as is usually the case at El Corazon, was alive and well. It was a great night of metal and I hope to see all these bands again very soon.


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